Friday, December 06, 2013

A Modest Proposal for Venue Reform

Lately there has been a lot of attention focused on venue reform including an ABI Commission hearing.   I have a simple proposal that would eliminate this problem once and for all.    My suggestion is to let each of the circuits compete for the big cases, say those with over $100 million in assets.    

Here is how it would work.   Each circuit would select one male and one female associate to compete in the Venue Games.   Delaware and the Southern District of New York would be counted as an additional circuit in order to bring the number of tributes to twenty-four. The tributes would then fight to the death in a televised competition taking place in a specially designed arena with hazards designed to kill off the weaker circuits.  In order to match current reality, the tributes from Delaware and New York would receive special training from the moment they were licensed to compete in the games.  

The winner of the game would be made a partner and given a corner office in a specially designed Victor's Tower and would be exempt from future games.   For the next year, all mega cases would be filed in the victor's court of choice.    Would this be an improvement over the current system?

(Disclaimer:  Any similarity between my proposal and a popular trilogy of young adult fiction books and movies is purely coincidental).