Thursday, July 01, 2010

Kagan on Christmas Day

I am not sure whether this is amusing or appalling or just weird. Sen. Lindsay Graham starts talking about the Christmas Day Bomber, but ends up asking "where were you at on Christmas Day." Ms. Kagan gamely tries to make sense out of the question before the Senator clarifies that he just wants to know where she was.

While Sen. Graham sets Ms. Kagan up for a good applause line, his subsequent attempt to equate Christmas and Hanukkah is a bit awkward. For those who are a little unsure about the reference, I am told that it is a Jewish-American tradition to eat Chinese food on Christmas day because a) it is a day off and b) Chinese restaurants are open on Christmas Day. However, it has no religious significance.

It is worth noting that once she understood the question, Ms. Kagan answered directly and unequivocally.

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