Friday, December 21, 2007

Gadzooks Update

This blog previously reported on an opinion by Judge Harlin Hale of the Northern District of Texas which limited the effect of the Fifth Circuit's opinion in Matter of Pro-Snax Distributors, Inc., 157 F.3d 414 (5th Cir. 1998). U.S. District Judge Jane Boyle has now reversed the Bankruptcy Court opinion. William Kaye vs. Hughes & Luce, LLP, No. 3:06-CV-01863-B (N.D. Tex. 7/13/07).

Judge Boyle found that although the Fifth Circuit's Pro-Snax discussion of the correct standard to apply in awarding attorney's fees under Sec. 330 was dicta, that it was judicial dicta rather than obiter dicta. Judical dicta is defined as an opinion on an issue which was directly briefed and argued by the parties, but which was not essential to the decision. Judge Boyle found that judicial dicta should not be lightly disregarded. The Court also questioned whether the Circuit's instructions on the test to be applied on remand was really dicta at all.

The District Court engaged in a curious discussion of whether Pro-Snax was inconsistent with the language of Sec. 330. On the one hand, the District Court noted that it was bound to apply Pro-Snax regardless of whether it was correct. It also noted that many courts had disagreed with its logic. It then engaged in a rather tortured analysis of how Pro-Snax could be reconciled with the language of Sec. 330. Thus, the District Court fulfilled its obligation to follow binding precedent and did so with a straight face.

Finally, the District Court rejected the Bankruptcy Court's attempt to limit Pro-Snax to its original context of awarding fees to debtor's counsel. The District Court found that the language of Sec. 330 did not distinguish between different types of professionals.

The District Court ruling has been appealed to the Fifth Circuit. This may set the stage for the en banc Fifth Circuit to reconsider Pro-Snax.

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